A Conversation of the Need for Loss of life to the Chinese People

A Debate of the Need for Loss of life to the Chinese People

Throughout the history of mankind, loss of life is definitely a fascination. Folks have always wondered about the sources of loss of life, the aftermath of loss of life, and whether it may be stopped. Among these persons were the Chinese, who like a great many other people, believed there is life after death. They performed certain rituals to greatly help them along their method. Chinese attitudes toward death happen to be reflected in funerary rituals, Buddhist philosophy and reverence for the deceased.

Death is a very important concern to the Chinese persons. The son of a family group has the obligation to provide his parents an effective funeral. This includes such essential factors as; a huge coffin, a funeral procession, a well-chosen gravesite, presents and offerings to the soul of the deceased, an interval of mourning, and keeping an ancestral shrine. If a Chinese son does not adhere to these obligations, he offers committed a serious offense against culture.1

The Chinese believed in giving an effective funeral with their elders since when the elders were alive, that they had shared their activities and knowledge with the fresh. The Chinese followed certain requirements to a proper funeral because they thought in remembering the lifeless, who were once near them. They wished to remember the lifeless by praying to them daily and producing them offerings. The Chinese thought that there were certain rituals which were essential for certain events. For instance, during a wedding party, the Chinese thought that the few must bow to the parents and provide them tea. Only then simply, can the few be happily married. As the Chinese have confidence in performing certain rituals for certain incidents, anyone who doesnt offer his parents a

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