An Examination of the Australian Identification and the Portrayal of Its Ideals in Poetry

An Research of the Australian Identification and the Portrayal of Its Ideals in Poetry

There are many factors that condition my sense to be Australian and surviving in an Australian contemporary society. All my previous activities- if they be books I've read, films I've viewed, advertisements I've paid attention to or watched, persons I've talked to, encounters I've encountered on my travels, possibly the National Anthem and annual Australia Day time celebrations contribute in a few part to my perception of myself as Australian. Elements such as for example my family's ethnic backdrop, my studies of varied subjects at university and the influence of mass media also have a direct effect on my good sense of myself as Australian. The question in regards to what extent the analysis of Australian poetry has already established in the complex procedure for my evolving personal identification at first seemed daunting. Poetry have been just a topic studied at university, however, on looking over the range of poems I've read throughout the course I became informed that poetry, since it is an extremely condensed type of text, was crucial in giving me a synopsis of how the Australian identity provides been represented by poets during the period of the last 200 century of our country's background and allowed me to reflect about how a lot of that representation is component of my very own personal view. For me personally being Australian means getting the courage to face difficulty, the opportunity to bounce again from adversity, to stay up for what's right and fight what is unfair, to simply accept difference in others also to value friends and family. The poems I have read have got all made me conscious these are my ideals and that they have, partly, evolved out of my very own uniquely Australian background.

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