An Study of Rapunzels Hero Journey

An Study of Rapunzel's Hero Journey

Tangled up in the Odyssey of a lifetime

“The most beautiful persons we've known are anyone who has known defeat, known suffering, regarded struggle, known loss, and also have found their way out of these depths.”

(Elisabeth Kubler-Ross). For a Journey to be recognized it will need to have 3 stages, a phone to adventure, challenges, transformation and go back.Rapunzel has been moving into a tower secluded from all of those other world. She actually is held by mother Gothel who hid her after stealing her from the King and Queen to use her therapeutic powers to hold herself young. Rapunzel commences to want to explore the word. Virtually all off all she wants to start to see the floating lanterns that are getting lit up and lifted in to the sky. This opportunity is directed at her when Flynn finds her tower and leads her onto her quest. On the other hand she must face various struggles as she journeys to get who she actually is, eventually time for her rightful place as princess.Odysseus as well faces an identical sense of imprisonment on Calypso's island as he cannot keep without the consent of the gods. Odysseus must endure through hardships and checks when Poseidon shipwrecks him and he must find support from the Phaeacians. The two heroes commence their journey in equivalent worlds where they are self centered and centered on themselves however as their journey progresses they face different ordeals and inner struggles that finally develop their identity and maturity, shaping them into better people. THE ENERGY of the Hero’s Trip lies in its ability

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