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 Aging Theory Persuasive Essay


Aging Theory Persuasive


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Aging Theory Persuasive

Theories about becoming older usually commence with ideas or perhaps beliefs that an individual features. For example , one may forget that she or he has their glasses along with his or her head. Some may consider this since the storage decreasing due to age. Theoretical scientists, yet , must work with theories, which were tested by simply hypotheses and may guide their particular research (Novak, 2009). One of these theories that many researchers support is the interpersonal disengagement theory. There are two levels of hypotheses, which are micro-level and macro-level theories. Social Disengagement Theory

In 1961 two social experts, Elaine Cumming and Bill Henry, developed the sociable disengagement theory (Ritz, 2012). They believed that it was natural for an elderly person to take away from social activities with others and having constrained opportunities to connect to others. There are many factors, which limit sociable interaction that results in disengagement. Examples of these factors comes with illness, flexibility, retirement, travel around, or technology (Ritz, 2012). Micro and Macro Level Theories

There are several differences between micro and macro- level theories. Micro-level theory focuses on individuals and the interactions. Among the the micro-level theory may be the effect of negative attitudes on an older individual or the marriage between parents and their adult children. A lot of people criticize micro-level theories since these ideas do not concentrate on social policies and conditions, which causes more mature individuals to act the way they do rather than the actual actually do. Macro-level theory centers more about social procedures, social composition, social challenges, and their inter-relationships. An example of the macro-level theory is the associated with how gender and salary might influence an older person's wellbeing...

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