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This homework is due in by Thursday of week 13 [ eleventh January 2013] The coursework is within 2 parts:

1 . Analysing the benefits of the Travel around Newton & Oldingham survey 2 . Modelling Record Product sales

This coursework contributes 30% of the total markings for the module; 20% for part 1 and 10% to get part installment payments on your

Part 1 . Analysing the results in the Travel Newton & Oldingham survey


Travel Newtown & Oldingham is a little rail organization that runs trains between 4 neighborhoods in a small region of an British county. You will discover only some stations; Appleton, Newtown, Oldingham and Sheldon. The railroad service is principally used by folks who live or work in the location. The company operates a scheme whereby pensioners and impaired users may travel cost-free using their Independence Pass rendering they travelling outside the morning hours rush hour. Students receive reduced prices with a Pupil Pass. The train providers were keen to obtain responses via customers concerning: * When passengers utilize railway

5. How long it takes passengers to reach the stations.

2. The types of ticket used

* The reasons intended for the trips

* The passengers' views on the establishments at each station * In the event that there are particular complications at one or more of the areas

To get the feedback they essential, the administration of Travel around Newtown & Oldingham made a decision to survey just about every fifth traveler that left one of their very own stations every day during Mon to Thursday of a particular week. Passengers were ended by a group of industry researchers who also went through the questionnaire with the passengers with the stations. Sometimes all individuals agreed to take part in the review and only 250 responses were collected. The responses are located in the document TravelNandO. sav

The questionnaire applied is proven in Appendix 1

The task

Your line director, knowing that you may have passed a module in operation decision making, has asked you to help with examining the data in the file of responses. You are expected to use SPSS to create the relevant end result to inform your comments. This lady has asked you to provide answers to the following questions that may be incorporated right into a report:

Problem 2: How long did it consider you to visit your reduction station? 2. Comment on the descriptive stats for the length of time that passengers had to visit the reduction stations. Just how accurate happen to be these figures? * Past research signifies that the common length of time individuals have to travel to start all their train journeys is twenty minutes. Perform your benefits match this kind of result? 5. Are there any differences in the average time period that guy and female travellers take to travel to the reduction stations to get started on their coach journeys?

Query 4: How many times a month do you get this journey by simply train? 5. Comment on the descriptive statistics for the amount of times monthly passengers help to make their trips. How appropriate are these results? * Previous exploration indicates that the average number of times that passengers help to make journeys on this train support is 18 times per month. Do the results match this consequence? * Any kind of differences in the standard number of times that men and female travellers make the excursions?

Question your five: What kind of ticket performed you use?

Question 6. Precisely what is the main reason for your journey?

5. Do the outcomes of these two questions suggest any routine? Can we declare certain types of entry pass are used for particular reasons for exploring?

Question 7: Thinking about the train station you travelled FROM, please rate how satisfied you are together with the following elements [facilities, rail providers, accessibility, public transport information, personal safety] 2. For each of the factors, services, rail companies etc ., will there be any difference in the reactions based on which will station the passengers had travelled coming from? * Perhaps there is any difference in the answers regarding...


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