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S. No . | Contents| Page No .

1| Executive Summary| 4

2| Company Description| 5

3| Strategic Concentrate and Plan| 7

| Mission| 7

| Vision| 7

| Goals| eight

| Non Monetary Goals | 8| | Financial Goals| 8| | Core Expertise And Sustainable Competitive Advantage| 9| 4| Situation Research SWOT Research Major Rivals Internal External Company Examination Customer Analysis | 912121213| 5| Product Market Emphasis Marketing and Product Objectives Market place New marketplace New product Target Market Customer benefit proposition Parts of Differences| 14141414141515| 6| Program Product Technique Price Technique Distribution Technique Promotion Strategy| 1515171818| 7| Revised Promoting Plan| 20

8| Conclusion| 37


We deem it with an reverance and advantage to record sense of gratitude for the respected source person Ma'm Nazish, who also provided us an opportunity to have our job on CANDIA We feel it a liability to supply heartiest because of all our participants especially Mr Sharjil Malik (Marketing Supervisor, Haleeb Foods) and Mr Asad Mirza (Sales Administrator, Haleeb Foods), who helped us in completing this kind of project and all sorts of our instructors for their advices and recommendations, which helped us a whole lot. In This File We Have Tried To Cover Just about every Aspect Of Each of our Subject.


| Haleeb Food was established in 1986 and its initial product was Haleeb dairy. Since then, they have continued to supply quality goods to their consumers with product and packaging innovative developments. Other products and their schedules of kick off are the following: | В | В

| 1997 | Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee

1998| Haleeb Cream, Skimz Milk Powder

1999| Candia Milk, Skimz Liquid Milk

2000| Tropico Juice Drink, Haleeb Milk Queen

2001| Haleeb N'rish Instant Complete Cream Dairy Powder

2002| Haleeb N'rish Fortified Instant Complete Cream Milk Powder| the year 2003 | Tea Max Dairy products Whitener, Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Plain Fat free yogurt, Haleeb Lassi Drink| 2004| Haleeb Great Day Real Juice, Haleeb Fun Time Juice Drink| 2005| Haleeb Cream With Honey, Haleeb Tea Utmost with Cardamom, Haleeb Labban, Haleeb Very good Day(Mix Fresh fruit, Red Grapes, Mango Pineapple)| 2006| Haleeb Reshmi Bunch, Skimz Sack, Tropico Nectar

2007| Haleeb Cheddar Parmesan cheese

2009| Cool product development Research: Haleeb Xtra Energy Flavoured Milk

| В

| В


| Haleeb Foods is Pakistan's number 1 and most effective growing grouped together Food Organization. As of fiscal 2006, it is annual proceeds is Rs. 9 Billion. Recently, Haleeb Foods has generated yet another herb in Rahim Yar Khan whose purpose is to provide Haleeb's top quality products to maximum number of shoppers.

Candia can be Europe's Leading selling milk. Haleeb Food Limited and Candia of France possess joined hands to bring to you highest quality dairy. " To provide dynamic leadership to the complete dairy sector and to seek to create a setting which allows the...


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