Edgar Perez, Author of Knightmare in Wall Street, to Lead The Speed Traders Workshop 2014 Singapore

 Essay regarding Edgar Perez, Author of Knightmare on Wall Street, to Lead The Speed Investors Workshop 2014 Singapore

Edgar Perez, Publisher of Knightmare on Wall Street, to Lead The Speed Traders Workshop 2014 Singapore

Edgar Perez, former McKinsey and APPLE consultant, is known as a global professional, author with the Speed Investors, Knightmare in Wall Street, and the course overseer of The Velocity Traders Workshop 2014 Singapore, " How Banks, Hedge and Shared Funds and Brokers Challenge Markets 'RIGGED' by Wall Street's 'Flash Boys', High-frequency Trading, Exchanges and Dark Pools".

New York, NY, UNITED STATES (August two, 2014) -- The Speed

Dealers Workshop 2014 Singapore, " How Banking companies,

Hedge and Mutual Money and Agents Battle Markets

'RIGGED' simply by Wall Street's 'Flash Boys', Highfrequency Trading, Exchanges and Dark Pools" (http://www.thespeedtradersworkshop.com), is a

first and many comprehensive avertissement to the world of

high-frequency trading with Edgar Perez, writer of

Knightmare on Stock market

(http://www.knightmareonwallstreet.com), and can

open the door to the deceptive world of electronic

low-latency trading, the most debatable form of

trading today; with the intention of protecting the

algorithms they may have spent a whole lot time mastering,

speed investors almost never speak with the press and try to

disclose as little as possible about how they operate.

The Speed Traders Workshop 2014 Singapore covers

the newest research available today and discloses

how high-frequency trading players are with

global marketplaces and traveling the development of

electronic digital trading for breakneck rates of speed from the U. S. and Europe to Japan, India, and Brazil. The " flash crash", the suspended BATS GOING PUBLIC, the botched Facebook GOING PUBLIC, Knight Capital's trading failure and NASDAQ's Flash Deep freeze are just a some of the milestones in the history of high-frequency trading which will be dissected with participants. Edgar Perez is usually widely regarded as the outstanding global qualified and audio in the specialised areas of algorithmic and high-frequency trading. He's author of Knightmare upon Wall Street, The Rise and Fall of...


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