Essay about Glycosides



• To extract saponins form the ginseng

root and determine a few of its

physical and chemical properties

Short info about


Glycosides happen to be

compounds that yield one

or more sugars and a non-sugar aspect as the

products with their


• Simply, glycosides are called glucose ethers.

• When sennosides undergo hydrolysis, they will develop 2

parts: the aglycone or genin and a glycone.

• Agyclone – non-sugar part

• Glycone – glucose component

• Glycosides enjoy an important function in the life of the herb and these types of roles will be:


Category of Glycosides

Heart failure glycoside

Anthraquinone glycoside

Saponin glycoside

Cyanogenic glycoside

Glucosinolate or isothiocyanate


Flavonol glycoside

Alcohol glycoside

Aldehyde glycoside

Phenol glycoside

Lactone glycoside

What are


• Saponins are glycosides

that form colloidal

alternatives in normal water that

polyurethane foam upon nervous-looking.

• They have a bitter, penetrating

taste and they are generally

irritating for the mucous

membrane layer.

• They will destroy reddish blood

skin cells by hemolysis.

• They may be mostly used since

fish harmful toxins.

• Upon hydrolysis, that they yield an aglycone regarded

as a " sapogenin”.

• The sapogenin may be of two chemical substance classes:

• Steroidal – neutral saponin (on pH)

• Triterpenoid – acid saponin (on pH)

• Generally, saponins are lipophilic because they

have many carbon atoms that

varies from C27 to C30.

All about Ginseng

• Technological name:

Panax ginseng

(Asian ginseng)

• Active constituent:


• Uses:

Tonic, stimulant,

carminative, adaptogenic and


• Side effect:

The most typical side effect

is definitely trouble sleeping (insomnia).

• Extreme caution:

Panax ginseng is PROBABLY

SAFE when taken by oral cavity for most

adults when utilized for less than a few

months. It can be POSSIBLY DANGEROUS when

used long-term. Experts think

it may...


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