п»їDepartment of General Education

GNED 1101 - 001

Scientific and Mathematical Literacy for the Modern World

Winter 2015

INSTRUCTOR: Controversia Abraham PhD OFFICE: T175

OFFICE SEVERAL HOURS: M a couple of: 30-4: 30R 9: 30-10: 30

EMAIL-BASED: [email protected] florida

Phone: 403-440-8406

LECTURE TIMES: TR a few: 30-4: 40

Librarian: Francine May ([email protected] ca)

COURSE WEBSITE: Access through or

COURSE EXPLANATION: Students will expand their very own understanding of the intersections of mathematics, technology, technology, and daily life, and can develop and apply essential mathematical and scientific reasoning skills throughout the examination of concerns drawn from the real world and current events.

PURPOSE: The emphasis of this program is to encourage an understanding showing how mathematics, technology and technology are useful within your daily life and to encourage you to have quantitative and scientific techniques to think about the things you see, examine and notice. This course changes from other math and research courses you might have taken in the past. The emphasis is on developing important thinking expertise and the math and research topics reviewed are the ways to that end. Our main focus will probably be in discussing and thinking about mathematics, scientific research and technology rather than gathering masses of information.


Mount Regal University provides identified four aims of your undergraduate education: Intellectual and Practical Abilities, Integrative and Applied Learning, Knowledge of Man Cultures plus the Physical, Organic and Technical World, and Personal and Sociable Responsibility. Every courses proposed by MRU emphasize one or more of those learning outcomes. This course can provide students with opportunities to:

one particular Communicate understandable messages and also to accurately understand the messages of others by making use of appropriate terminology, concepts, amounts, symbols, charts, and numerical expressions. two Use important thinking to synthesize and analyze information or complications, and apply this expertise to an knowledge of the effects for a larger community. several Demonstrate moral reasoning by simply challenging presumptions, identifying and considering actual beliefs, and recognizing and examining multiple perspectives so that you can make defensible and informed decisions. some Demonstrate group effectiveness because students definitely engage in collaborative efforts.


Through exposure to main science disciplines and the related content, learning activities and assessments, students should be able to:

1 . Critique quantitative, scientific and technological details in advertising a. Distinguish science coming from pseudoscience

n. Recognize the techniques of obtaining scientific knowledge

c. Translate graphs, chart and desks

d. Identify between hypotheses and facts

e. Differentiate between relationship and causation

f. Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data

g. Recognize the value of reproducibility

h. Employ scientific devices of measurement correctly

my spouse and i. Use proportions, percentages and fractions to spell out quantities and solve problems j. Determine common ways that numerical data is offered that deceived or twist a situation. k. Critique a scientific study

2 . Use medical and mathematical methods/thinking to investigate common circumstances in life. a. Explain how the scientific technique may be used to check out questions w. Use initiatory and deductive reasoning

c. Construct charts, charts and tables

d. Use problem solving techniques and basic mathematics to solve concerns e. Make use of logic to comprehend arguments and fallacies.

f. Calculate simple probabilities

g. Appreciate the concept of coincidence

a few. Discuss the actual and limits of scientific research and technology a. Recognize what researchers and mathematicians do in society m. Recognize the relevance of science and arithmetic...


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