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IMT–NAGPUR. PGDM (2010-12) Term-III: HRM (Sections A, B & C). Teachers: Prof. Versus. Ekkirala


Case: Biomed Company., Ltd.: Designing a New Revenue Compensation Prepare: i. Precisely what is the Current Target Total Funds Compensation (TTCC) for each sales person – the amount that a sales representative will earn in the event he achieved expected overall performance (including expenditure reimbursement)?

2. What are the difficulties that the company is likely to deal with in putting into action the new marketplace strategy?

3. In tune with the new market strategy, what new sales compensation strategy do you recommend? Provide in depth workings and figures.

iv. How do you implement the new revenue compensation plan?

v. Will the change in sales compensation strategy sufficient to tie the sales plan to fresh strategy? If perhaps not the other things do you suggest?

Circumstance: Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.: Satisfying our Persons:

i. Is a grouping of employees to get the gain-sharing plan simply by Harrah's ideal? What is the advantages and drawbacks of the merit pay system for seperate goals? How would be a corporate-wide profit-sharing prepare? What other ways of grouping may be considered? ii. Are Harrah's rewards large enough to be employed as bonuses? How much money makes management's determination seem reputable?

iii. Exactly what the pitfalls of increasing the percentage of advantages versus base pay? What if the company handed out fewer, yet larger honours? Should benefit pool be fixed or perhaps varying in accordance to general financial outcomes?

iv. Precisely what are the pros and cons of using customer satisfaction and market share as procedures to be assessed? Are client satisfaction numbers reliable? Why not work with profit while the evaluate?

v. Do the gain-sharing plan improve organizational learning and co-operation? What problems did Harrah's face in increasing co-operation and conversation between work team members?

mire. How was your gain-sharing software introduced and implemented? vii. What could have been the strengths and downsides of...


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