Kuru: a Diease Caused by Prions

 Kuru: a Diease Brought on by Prions Essay

Nervous Program Disease Due to Prions

Kuru: Laughing Disease

Jennifer N. Trujillo

Microbiology 204

Professor Kushner

November 12, 2012


Kuru is a fatal, non-treatable prion disease. Eating the diseased tissues will result in transfer from the disease. Kuru affects the mind and worried tissue in humans and lays important for a long period of the time. Growing medical awareness features helped inside the decline of the cycle with the disease.


Relating to Lata, in 1954, a disease of impending fatality was reported by W. T. Brown inside the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea in the Fore tribe. The Conscience calls this disease Kuru, which in their very own language converted to " shiver, banging, or trembling” (Gadjusek, mil novecentos e noventa e seis, pp. 6-33). It wasn't until the 1950s that exploration started as a result of vast rate at which chlamydia had propagate throughout South Fore in the Okapa Subdistrict. At a hospital that was built-in 1961 specifically for Kuru patients, observation, and research, human brain tissue and blood samples were taken and sent to Melbourne to study (Lindenbaum, 1979. )

Research by Daniel Carleton Gajdusek and Michael Alpers showed that tissue extracted from an 14 year old woman and then being injected into two chimpanzees may be transferred through infected bio material and it was in a position to cross a species barrier (Bidon, pp. 1-2) (Lindenbaum, 1979. ) Causes

Kuru is a anxious system disease caused by prions. A prion is a great abnormally folded protein and once it comes in to contact with different proteins triggers a chain effect and propagates the flip to the additional proteins. Prions get their be derived from proteinaceous contagious particle. Theses bundle of proteins are what is present in the brain tissues. The brain tissue dissolves and leaves gaps that give this a sponge appearance (Tortora, Funke, & Case, 2010, pp. 392-393, 629-631). It can be transmitted though eating or contact with wide open wounds or perhaps sores coming from an afflicted person. Intake of the prions may be consumed...

Cited: Lindenbaum, S. (1979. ). Kuru Sorcery,. Huge batch View, Los angeles.,: Mayfield Publishing Company.

Nationwide Instiute to get Neurological Disorders and Stir up, N. (2011, October 4). NINDS Kuru Information Webpage. Retrieved coming from www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/kuru/kuru.htm

Tortora, G


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