Manix Research Case

 Manix Examine Case Dissertation

I. Manix's origins

For some time, in addition to its birth control method use, another role from the condom continues to be added: to protect against sexually sent diseases, especially AIDS. But the fact of the matter is that only a single brand became a leader within the French marketplace: Durex. Which, without any advertising and marketing; because in 1987; the French law bans advertisement regarding male condom.

However , three decades after the appearance of Durex, another brand of condoms establishes itself in France. Name: Manix. Designer: Degan laboratories. Characteristics: the thinness of its latex, what permits him to pride on its own to be the finest on the market.

The advertising staying always prohibited, and Durex particularly well established, Manix challenges to be known. The brand in that case starts with advertising events and sampling over a very targeted and extremely end user population: the prostitutes. Devoid of hesitation, by 1990, to visit into a fresh distribution circuit: supermarket. The leader's actions, Durex, since the challenger's ones, Manix, change nothing though; and in 1997, only 3 clients out of 10 may name and enquire for a certain condoms' manufacturer when they get into a chemist.

And yet Manix interests: with 18. seven percent of the People from france market of condoms in value in pharmacies and 22. 9% in grocery stores, the brand had obviously succeeded in awe-inspiring itself. Immediate consequence: more than a decade ago, Degan laboratories steps down and Manix is sold for the Australian company Ansell, leader of latex medical items, more particularly surgical mitts.

Owner of ten other brands of condoms in Europe, and desperate to keep this plan of neighborhood brands despite what Durex does, globe brand, Ansell then alterations nothing none about the positioning of Manix, nor its manufacture, entrusted to the Japanese Okamoto.

Ansell changes nothing… although make an important decision: to insert Manix in advertising and marketing. The Manix communication was hitherto specifically oriented for the prescribers, generally pharmacists. However in 1997, the global market of condoms stagnates: after the introduction of a fresh treatment against AIDS was announced, based upon a Combination Therapy, the troops were demobilized… Manix becoming behind Durex, as well in market stocks and shares as in notoriety, it had for this by attempting to create choice for its company.

This is, certainly, the right second: after many years of crisis, French people appear to come back, in 1998, to their first loves, the sensual pleasures. Thus they place, intended for 70% of these, the sexual among their focus and, for 55%, the pleasure as their first inspiration to make take pleasure in.

II. Sales strategies

In 97, when Manix contacted its advertising firm, the market's environment was: •a terrible context of uncertainty,

•an negative photo of the condom from the outset,

•an act of obliged obtain,

•numerous taboos,

•a selling price considered to be way too high,

•restrictive best practice rules,

•a slackening about preventive behaviours,

•a disengagement in the government,

•an advertising conversation subjected to a visa from the AFSSAPS (or the FHPSA in English language -- french Health Goods Safety Agency).

However , 60 not as straightforward as it appears. First, because Manix; taking care of a small industry; has a tight budget. Yet also mainly because any marketing communications about you condoms, still considered by the French rules as a drug, is exposed to the approval with the French Well being Products Security Agency. Result: a australian visa number is essential before any kind of advertising communication… what generally takes three months typically.

The last difficulty, but not the smallest amount of: the subject remains a taboo. Taboo and never very gratifying: in 1998, just 40% of 15-24 years-old used a condom during every sex relation. Simply, because the majority of them deemed that within the condom lowered the sexual pleasure.

Lastly, the tone to look at was not simple to work out: 68% of the consumers of condoms are men, mainly recruited among the 18-34 years-old. But , as far as that population is usually...


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