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Mr. Praveen Srivastava

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Faculty Guide

Mister. Anoop kumar Srivastava Doctor Shailendra Dube

DY. Manager Professor (Production and Microbiology) Operations managing INDIA GLYCOL LTD. IMS, Ghaziabad

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Shivam Dubey

Roll Simply no: BM-011203


The task entitled while " TAKING CARE OF WASTE AND UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS OF ETHANOL PRODUCING IN INDIA GLYCOL LTD. ” is actually a study regarding the production means of ethanol producing, fermentation and waste management in INDIA GLYCOL LIMITED. Gorakhpur U. P. The main aspects of the task are been covered and a study within the loopholes along the way is done to detect the method and provide the alternative route when you use waste, in continuation to that particular the solution to the people problems are already been provided. Difficulties problem faced during the about goings in the project is related to data unavailability and the specialized unawareness about the equipment employed in the availability process besides these downsides there was a constraint of lack of support from the personnel and the personnel who were conferred with for the technical technical specs. In a making company, development process is vital as it impacts the performance through which the business can make with bare minimum defects and wastes. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate each parts and stages in the process of a manufacturing equipment for a worker, so that he can take care of the machine effectively and cause possible ground breaking changes which could bring down the cost. Understanding about the production procedure helps to decrease cost to provide the customer merchandise at bare minimum price. It is crucial for keeping the quality of the products. A good procedure maintains the normal necessary to be in competition. As a result it is the essential part00 to be comprehended in a company.


I use taken attempts in this job. However , it will not have been possible without the kind support and help of numerous individuals and organizations. I would really like to extend my sincere as a result of all of them. My spouse and i am extremely indebted to Mr. Praveen Srivastava and Mr. Anoop Srivastava for guidance and constant guidance as well as for featuring necessary details regarding the task & likewise for their help in completing the project. I would like to express my personal gratitude toward my parents & member of INDIA GLYCOL LTD. for their kind co-operation and encouragement that really help me in completion of this kind of project. I would really prefer to express my special gratitude and because of Mr. Sanjeev khanna (Head HRD) and to industry persons for offering me this sort of a inspiration, attention and time for the entire fill ment of my own project. My thanks and appreciations as well go to my colleague in developing the project and those who have voluntarily helped me away with their skills.

Shivam Dubey

IMS Ghaziabad


Chapter 1| Business summary| Site 1

Chapter 2| Liquor industries in INDIA| Webpage 2

| Introduction regarding company| Web page 3-13

Phase 3| Aims of Project| Page 18

Chapter 4| Research Methodology| Page 12-15

Chapter 5| Production Process|

| Raw Materials and Their Attributes| Page 16-21

| Steps Of Alcohol Cycle| Site 22

| Formation of culture| Site 23

| Fermentation process| Page 24-30

| Distillation| Page 30-38

Chapter 6| Finding and analysis| Web page 39-41

Phase 7| Conclusion| Page 42

Chapter 8| Observation & recommendations|...

Bibliography: 1986- The Company was changed toВ `India Glycols Limited ‘Effective from 4th Sept. 2010. В

1988- 70 stocks subscribed intended for by the signatories to the Comunicacion of


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