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For the states with the own plastic stamps, see Plastic stamps and nota history of Indian states. Intended for India Content, see Of india Postal Services. [pic]


The initial stamp of independent India shows the newest Indian Banner. It was suitable for foreign communication.[1][2] [pic]


The 2nd stamp describes the AЕ›okan lions capital, the national emblem of India, which is for household use.[1][2] This is a survey from the postage stamps and nota history of India. Indian da postagem systems to get efficient armed service and governmental communications acquired developed a long time before the arrival of Europeans. When the Portuguese, Dutch, France, Danish and British displaced the Mughals, their nota systems existed alongside those of many somewhat independent states. The Uk East India Company slowly but surely displaced different powers and brought into existence a British management system more than most of India, with a ought to establish and keep both standard and business mail devices. Although the American indian Post Office began in year 1837, Asia's first adhesive stamp, the Scinde Dawk, was introduced in 1852 by simply Sir Bartle Frere, the British East India Provider's administrator with the province of Sind. The Indian da postagem system developed into an extensive, dependable and powerful network rendering connectivity to almost all areas of India, Burma, the Straits Settlements and other areas controlled by the British East India Firm (EIC). Based upon the model postal system introduced in the uk by the reformer, Rowland Mountain, efficient mailpost services were presented at an affordable and enabled the smooth business, military and administrative performing of the EIC and its heir, the Uk Raj. The Imperial Articles co-existed while using several postal systems taken care of by several Indian says, some of which made stamps for proper use within their respective dominions, while British Of india postage rubber stamps were required for sending postal mail beyond the boundaries of these states. Telegraphy and telephony made their appearance as part of the Content before turning out to be separate departments. After the Independence of India in 1947, the American indian postal support continues to function on a across the nation basis and provides many useful, low cost services to the general public of India.

|Contents | |[hide] | |1 Da postagem history of India | |1. 1 The Post in ancient and medieval India | |1. 2 Posts and the East India Business | |1. 3 The Scinde District Dawk | |1. some The Reconstructs of 1854 and the First Issues | |1. five The Reconstructs of 1866 and the Provisionals | |2 Postal good Indian says | |3 The early twentieth century | |3. 1 India Security Press | |4 Impartial India | |5 Income stamps | |6 The Indian Nota Service today | |6. 1 Countrywide Philatelic Art gallery | |7 See as well | |8 References | |9 Exterior links |...

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