The Impact of Globalization in Educatio

 The Impact of Globalization in Educatio Dissertation

Literacy Information and Computer Education Diary (LICEJ), Amount 2, Issue 4, Dec 2011

The Impact of Globalization on Education Policy of Developing Countries: Oman for instance

Khalaf Al'Abri

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

[email protected] edu. om


Globalization may be thought of as the speedy,

free movement of folks, services, capital, goods,

concepts and know-how across nationwide borders,

covering the entire earth. It is claimed that

the positive effect makes the world akin to a little village

through time and space compression with new

technologies being an important facilitator on this

interconnectivity. Appropriately, national devices, in

particular education devices, of nation-states have

recently been affected seriously by these types of processes. By

reviewing the literature and analyzing a few

education coverage documents, this kind of paper investigates

how globalization has reshaped the terrain of

education policy in developing countries. Such

changes in education insurance plan of growing countries

will probably be illustrated throughout the case in the Sultanate

of Oman. An argument is shown that education

policy in Oman has become affected significantly by

the positive effect processes, resulting in deep changes and

changes in the ways in which education policies are

developed, integrated and evaluated. This daily news

will play a role in future research on comparable topics.

1 ) Introduction

Globalization as a strategy has been used in both

confident and adverse way by different people in

different circumstances. Everyone examines the concept

via his or her perspective and hobbies. However ,

there may be an agreement of most theorists that

globalization has already established enormous effect on societies

for economic, political, and social levels. From the

literature about globalization, it seems like everything is usually

globalizing in this world as a result of the

transformation of the world to a small village, a

global village. This means edges are not anymore

insurmountable limitations to any kind of connections

and integration among nations. It is argued in the

literature that such effect of globalization reaches

equally developing and developed nations around the world. All of their

government systems are believed to be affected by

the many processes of globalization. Major in

this study is on the positive effect and its effect on

education systems, particularly in education policy.

Regarding the cordons between globalization and

education, much has been written recently

examining just how education has been affected. For

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example, Marginson [27] mentions that education

" has become a main medium of globalization and

an incubator of it is agents” (p. 19). In addition ,

Priestly [33] argues that national education systems

have been changed quite noticeably by the processes

of globalization and that most alterations happening

just lately in education can be related to the effects

of and answers to the positive effect. Correspondingly,

Jones and Coleman [25] suggest that no education

system internationally can survive and stay not affected by

the positive effect

Indeed, plan making in education is significantly

affected by the phenomenon of globalization.

Usually, policy have been produced within the

authority from the nation-state. However , over the last

twenty years globalization has witnessed a few

challenges to such nation-state bound insurance plan making

in education [41]. For making it very clear, globalization provides

resulted in the strengthened impact in coverage terms

of international businesses such as the UN, the

World Bank, and OECD. The decisions of those

institutions to varying degrees today form and

constrain the plan options for just about any particular nationstate. This qualified prospects us to acknowledge that globalization impacts education insurance plan development and

production around the world. However , these kinds of

impacts are mediated in various ways around

developed and developing countries with

international organizations having...

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