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Diet plan of Worms/Edict (decree) of Worms (1521)

Luther shown his opinions to a judgment assembly in Worms that Emperor Charles V presided. Luther announced that if perhaps he recanted, he would become acting against Scripture, reason, and his notion. He was placed directly under the real ban.

German Peasant's War (1525)

German peasants compared with the initiatives of their lords to override their classic laws and customs and subject these to new territorial regulations and taxes. Peasant leaders believed that Luther's teachings revealed he believed in very a lot of the same things the A language like german peasants believed in (freedom, the ridding of monastic landowners). Peasants desired a relieve from serfdom, so they revolted.

Luther found this un-Christian and urged the princes to crush the revolt pitilessly. Between seventy, 000 and 10, 500 peasants perished.


16th century ancestors and forefathers of the contemporary Mennonites and Amish

denial of toddler baptism/ insistence on only adult baptism (as while using case of Jesus, who had been baptized as an adult) Anabaptism derives from the Ancient greek language word which means " to rebaptize. ” Conrad Grebel

came from Anabaptism.

had group known as Swiss Brethren

Schleitheim Confession (1527)


refusal to trust oaths

nonparticipation inside the offices of secular government

physically segregated from culture to create a more perfect accord modeled around the first Christian believers persecuted simply by Lutherans, Catholics, and Zwinglians

In 1529, rebaptism became a capital crime within the O Roman Disposition forced Lutherans and Catholics in the town to possibly convert as well as to emigrate (occurred in Munster) Besieging soldires blockaded Munster.

transformed into Aged Testament theocracy

polygamy (Women had been widowed and remaining by their partners. This was ways to care for all of the women. ) Modern Loyalty (Brotherhood of Common Life)

boarding school for reform-minded laity

centered in the Netherlands

educated boys finding your way through a austere vocation

viewed as the source of humanist, Protestant, and Catholic reform actions in the 16th century Schmaldkaldic League

shaped in the 1530s by German Protestant lands (powerful protective alliance) Objective was to be equipped for war together with the Catholic chief.

[Ulrich] Huldereich Zwingli

innovator of Swiss Reformation

change guideline:

What ever lacked textual support in Scripture was to none be assumed nor applied. petitioned to a end of clerical celibacy and for the right of local clergy legally to marry (a practice approved in all Protestant lands) started to be people's priest in Zurich

Marburg Colloquy

disagreed with Luther more than transubstantiation

The bread and wines are not Jesus's body and blood.

Swiss Civil Battles

As the Swiss canton divided themselves between Protestantism and Catholicism, civil battles erupted. a couple of major fights in Kappel [June 1429 (пѓџ Protestant victory, which pressured the Catholic cantons in order to their overseas alliances and also to recognize the right of the Swiss Protestants) & (Zwingli put wounded about battlefield, and it is then executed. ) пѓ October 1531] Succeeding treaty established the right of each and every canton (subdivision of a country) to determine its own religion. Work of Superiority

declared Full Henry VIII the only supreme head in earth in the Church of England Friend Thomas The John Fisher refused to identify this and were carried out. Henry VIII

asked Pere Julius 2 to divorce him fantastic wife Catherine of Aragon who had not produced a surviving kid Pope rejected.

In January 1531, the Convocation widely recognized Henry as the top of the House of worship of Britain Catherine of Aragon

the widow of King Holly VIII's buddy, Arthur

wife of Holly

single because she did not created a enduring son that would be the inheritor to the throne Anne Boleyn

King Holly VIII's second wife

gave beginning to California king Elizabeth I

executed to get alleged treason and adultery

Sir Thomas More

best known English humanist


depicted an mythical society depending on reason and...


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